December 06, 2018 1 min read

The fact that İznik Tiles collects such appreciation throughout the world is due to the reasons we will consider below.

Iznik Tiles are built on a very clean white base with a strong infrastructure and under glazed decoration with a unique technique.

 Iznik tiles are composed of 70-80 percent quartz and quartzites. Its beauty emerges from a harmonious combination of three consecutive quartz layers and a combination of paste-slip-glaze which is extremely difficult to assemble. The mixture of quartz, clay, and glaze is distributed in a very wide thermal spectrum at 900 degrees Celsius. After careful research, the problem of fluctuation behavior of tiles was solved due to quartz and rock crystal compositions. The porous structure of the tiles causes expansion or shrinkage in hot, cold or freezing conditions.

 In Iznik tiles, the colors similar to those of semi-precious stones such as the dark blue color of lapis lazuli, turquoise blue, coral red, emerald green can be observed.

Particularly, it is very difficult to obtain and apply some of the colors observed on coral red. Corneal white and opaque shine secrets are required to achieve all these colors. The light opaque quality of the glaze on the tile absorbs light and reduces the tension in the eyes. It not only protects the tile but also helps it breathe.

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