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Iznik Plates

We are the cultural heritage bearer of Iznik tiles and ceramics. This Iznik art which was a peak in the 16th century has been buried in history for 400 years. As a result of many years of work, Unesco gives “Living Human Treasure” prize to us for bringing a lost art back to life after 400 years. We are honored. Iznik art is a very precious art, an art that requires a very thin spirit. We are doing our work in this consciousness, achieving success after that is not difficult at all.

We are producing Iznik plates as original and reinterpreted compositions as in 16th century. All of which are collections of the world's museums, many of them are auction works. Production is entirely handcrafted and made with underglaze technique.

"Iznik" is a music addressing eye. Tulips, roses, hyacinths, and caryophyllene are music notes. The art of concealing the color of precious stones underglaze. High brush dominance is highly aesthetic, elegant and harmonious. Composition and color distribution is very important in the Iznik plates and tableware. Color harmony is highly balanced, it must be plain, and the eye should not get tired. Just like it is in our works. These colors are the color of the jewel stones. Coral red, emerald green, lapis lazuli blue and turquoise. We can also see the yellow and purple colors in the final stages.

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