iznik tile projects

Iznik Tiles Tailor Made

We design and produces special tailor-made Iznik products. These are interior design projects, indoor and outdoor tiles, Iznik panels for your private places, kitchen and bathroom tiles, corporate gifts and objects of Iznik art.  We can also apply any drawing you like to Iznik tiles and panels. Send us your projects, architectural drawings and ask for advice.  We are expecting your projects as Mehmet Gürsoy and his team, who have signed big projects in all over the world.

 iznik tile projects

Special Iznik Presentations

We can welcome you in our stores or visit your offices & places, to present you the collection of Iznik products by Unesco Living Human Treasure Mehmet Gursoy. We organize a pre-presentation meeting and evaluate your sample product requests. We are working to reach the best result in the direction of planning. You can get an appointment with us for a special presentation now.


iznik ceramic gift

Perfect Iznik Gifts

Mehmet Gürsoy's trademark and signature.  All you have to do is make the selection and let us know. Also, we can decide together and make the right choice. We deliver art works - quickly and insured - for your international customers, executives and collaborators. Gifts for New Year, anniversaries and special days.  Please inform us in advance. Some of the products you choose may not be in our stocks.