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Iznik Tile Panel

Iznik tiles which produced in the 15th and 16th centuries represent the aesthetics of the Ottoman Empire and the summit of high art pleasure. Today iznik tiles adorn the walls of many mosques, palaces, and special households. Examples of these magnificent Iznik tiles decorate the collections of private museums in the world and in Turkey.  For many reasons, the technical information and documents used to create these iznik tiles, unfortunately, disappeared in the 17th century.

After a period of 400 years, after years of research and numerous experiments; Mehmet Gürsoy revived this lost art and started to produce higher quality Iznik tiles. Gursoy, one of the most important representatives of Iznik Tile Art in our age, aims to play a role in "rediscovering Iznik tiles" as he expresses his heart to İznik Tiles. UNESCO announces Gursoy's heritage (Living Human Treasure) carrier in 2009 in the Convention on the Conservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage due to the researches on the colors and techniques that have disappeared, the interpretation he brings to the traditional compositions and reflects the tranquility, harmony, balance, and elegance of Turkish tile art.

We make new interpretations as we use the original patterns in iznik tile panels. The main rule when making new comments is to stick to the original. We are seeing many degenerated studies in the name of iznik today. Most of these non-handcrafted works are damaging this beautiful iznik art. Art lovers should pay particular attention to this. Which is essential in art, it is to have a true work of art. It is necessary to be careful to these non-signature, non-branded products.Each piece in our iznik tile panel collection is carefully hand decorated and hand glazed.It can also be produced according to special measures. All you need to do is send us your project. We can produce special designs and special sizes for you. Enjoy the collection.

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