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Rebirth of Iznik Ceramics

March 14, 2017

Rebirth of Iznik Ceramics

“Bringing a Lost Art Back to Life”

Mehmet Gürsoy, born in 1950, is a world-famed ceramic artist who revives the Iznik Ceramic Art, lost towards the end of, and who takes it much further with his new comments. GURSOY is the successor of Iznik Ceramic Art, known since the 16th century, on our present day.

GURSOY, a private student of Prof. Dr. Muhsin DEMIRONAT from Istanbul Fine Arts Academy, engages in Ceramic Art for 35 years and is especially known for his studies on the rebirth of Iznik ceramic. GURSOY, by searching writings about Iznik Ceramic Art and its patterns, restructures Iznik Ceramics. Moreover, he rediscovers the mixture of clay and colors with studies that take many years.

The artist got the first prize for vase and dish, and the second prize for a board in 1.International Ceramic Congress competition (1986). GURSOY who has contributed to bringing up a great number of students by giving lessons in Dumlupinar University for many years carries on his studies in Kütahya. The artist held a lot of personal exhibitions on a national and international level and was invited to various art festivals.

According to artist, Ceramic is an music addressing eye. Tulips, roses, hyacinths and caryophylluses are music notes. Ceramic is the art of concealing the colour of precious stones under glaze. The artist is awarded for the “People Living Treasure” prize by UNESCO in 2009.

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