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In 2003, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) accept, the intention of protecting the intangible cultural heritage contract. Turkey was party to this contract on March 27, 2006. The "Unspecific Turkish Cultural Heritage Department" established by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as the executive unit within the General Directorate of Research and Education and the Directorate has been determined. The UNESCO Living Human Treasures Program defines ways, means, and means of contributing to the transfer of intangible cultural heritage to future generations by organizing activities based on the participation of communities and individuals. Intangible cultural heritage is defined as "practices, representations, narratives, knowledge, skills and tools, materials and cultural spaces that communities, groups and, in some cases, individuals define as part of their cultural heritage". Among the areas of this heritage is the "Tradition of handicrafts". T.C. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has to fulfill the criteria set out in the declaration of the Living Human Treasure. Among these criteria is to practice mastery for at least 10 years, to learn art with master-apprentice relation, to be superior in applying knowledge and skill, to have rare knowledge and skill. Proposals of the Living Human Treasures, which are carried out by the ministry organizations, boards, commissions, and folklore researchers through a very rigorous research and examination process, are presented for the approval of the Minister of Culture and Tourism. Confirmation of Receipt The Living Human Treasures are declared to the whole public with an award ceremony following the finalization of their entry into the Turkish National Inventory.

mehmet gursoy unesco prize
Gursoy, one of the most important representatives of Turkish Tile Art in our age, aims to play a role in "rediscovering Iznik tiles" as he expresses his heart to İznik Tiles. UNESCO announces Gursoy's heritage carrier in 2009 in the Convention on the Conservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage due to the researches on the colors and techniques that have disappeared, the interpretation he brings to the traditional compositions and reflects the tranquility, harmony, balance, and elegance of Turkish tile art. Gürsoy says about the award: "The UNESCO award for Living Human Treasure is extremely meaningful and has great tasks for us.I can not tell my happiness in words, I am very excited and proud.I have to be very careful when carrying this inheritance to the future. We do not have to make any concessions, we have to give the right. This award has been shown to us that we deserve the right already. Gürsoy calls this award "the most beautiful event of art life" and many international awards and plaques, this award also expresses the privilege and importance of honor and responsibility at every opportunity. In addition, along with this prize, he reveals that he gave his "hand" to his son Göktuğ Gürsoy.