August 23, 2017 2 min read

Iznik Pottery Marks

Iznik Tiles are liked around the world for the following reasons:

  • Iznik Tiles are made with a unique technique that is very clean and a white panel with many glazes and glaze decorations.
  • 70-80 percent of the Iznik is composed of quartz and quartzite. The beauty comes from the harmonious combination of three successive quartz layers and the combination of dough and non-slip glaze which is extremely difficult to put together. The mixture of quartz, clay, and glaze is distributed over a wide thermal spectrum of 900 degrees Celsius. After careful research, the problem of the fluctuating thermal behavior of the tiles is solved due to the combination of quartz and rock crystal. The result is a tile made primarily of semi-precious stone: quartz.
  • The ceramic textured union appears to be contrary to the principle, but the porous structure of the tiles causes dilatation or shrinkage in hot, cold or freezing conditions. It is said that this special aspect of the work "allows breathing".
  • On Iznik tiles, you can see colors similar to semi-precious stones like lapis lazuli's dark blue, turquoise blue, coral red, emerald green.
  • It is very difficult to obtain and apply some of the colors observed in tiles and cups, especially in coral red. To obtain all of these colors, the cornea's white and opaque gloss glaze is required. The mild opaque quality of the secrets on the tile absorbs light and reduces the tension in the eyes. Not just the tile, it helps to breathe at the same time. • The figures on the tiles and kitchen utensils reflect their allegorical and symbolic characteristics, the flora and fauna of the region. Geometric designs, almost cosmologically, can be interpreted as a general description or description of the Earth or the Universe. They are beautifully wrapped around the architectural structures in the periphery, and they never collapse or exaggerate, but always exhibit a timeless appreciation and obedience.
  • Writings in tiles and tiles are never composed of egocentric or aggressive texts; On the contrary, they offer the ideology and philosophy of Islam.
  • Mehmet Gursoy is using the classic Iznik tile designs on the productions that revive the mystery of the creation of Iznik china. The main goal throughout the production process is to learn traditional technological methods instead of adopting today's technological methods. Gursoy uses raw materials that resemble the 16th century to preserve the originality of the Iznik tiles.