Iznik Tiles Construction Stages

iznik tiles construction


1- Pattern Design: Since the Iznik tiles are in different shapes (plates, vases, etc.), the appropriate pattern is determined according to the work to be done.

2- Pattern Needling: The pattern to be made is pierced with pins on the paper.

3- Preparation of Clay: The quartz density of the high clay mixture is kneaded by hand according to the tile to be made.

4- Molding: The prepared board is pressed with the help of hand print in the form of dough.

5- Drying: Prints are dried in natural environment.

6- Pre-baking: Pre-baking is performed for drying molds.

7- Pattern Transfer: The pattern is transferred to the tile mold with charcoal dust from the patterned pattern of holes.

8- Contouring: The lines are highlighted with the help of a pen.

9- Painting: Patterns are painted with oxidized paint.

10- Glaze: Painted china is glazed and left to dry.

11- Baking: Products are baked at a certain temperature in the oven.