Iznik Tile | Topkapi Palace


The interior and exterior of the rooms of Topkapı Palace are often richly decorated with Ottoman tiles. The most well-known examples are İznik and Kütahya tiles, dating from the 15th to 18th century. The tiles base colours are often different shades of blue, with floral or geometric decorative patterns. Tiles helped keep the rooms cool during hot summers and were relatively easy to maintain.

Size : 20 cm x 20 cm ( 7.8'' x 7.8'' )
Thickness: 1.2 cm
85% semi-precious quartz. Underglaze technique, 930-degree firing process.
Weight: 900 grams

Iznik Tiles contains high proportion quartz ( % 85 - 87 ).  Tiles are - In all kinds of weather conditions - in the interior and exterior - very durable against heat and cold.

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